Real Estate Attorney

When buying or selling real estate in Central New York, having the right legal advice will make the process go as smoothly as possible. Keith R. Wolfe, Esq., provides the services of an experienced Manlius real estate attorney who is ready to help you attain your real estate goals. From assisting with the title search on a family home to handling complicated claims and real estate disputes on commercial properties, Attorney Keith R. Wolfe, Esq., provides real estate services to both buyers and sellers in the Central New York areas.

What services a Real Estate Attorney provides

In many parts of the country, a real estate lawyer is not required, but in New York, it is customary for both buyers and sellers to be represented by a real estate attorney. The attorney’s role begins with negotiating the sales contract. For sellers, the attorney will prepare the first draft of the sales contract, while the buyer’s attorney guides the buyer through the negotiations.

After the contract is accepted and signed, the buyer’s attorney handles the title report, which ensures the home can be sold legally without the fear of liens or other actions taken against the new owner. The attorneys for both the buyer and seller will help with gathering of documents and information necessary to close the sale.

At the closing, the attorney reviews all of the documents and advises the buyer or seller about what they mean. Throughout the entire process, working with a skilled Manlius real estate attorney ensures a problem-free sale or purchase.

Choose the Right Real Estate Attorney

You should always have the services of a real estate attorney to buy and sell real estate in New York State, but not all attorneys offer the level of care and knowledge you want in this important process. Representing buyers and sellers of residential and commercial real estate throughout all of Central New York, Real Estate Attorney Keith R. Wolfe, Esq., will take the time to get to know you, your goals and your needs, then partner with you to help you attain them. Contact him today to discuss your real estate goals.

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